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BA Courses

GRMN1001 German I.1 6 credits
GRMN1002 German I.2 6 credits
GRMN2001 German II.1 6 credits
GRMN2002 German II.2 6 credits
GRMN2021 Chinese-German translation 6 credits
GRMN2023 Contemporary German society in the media 6 credits
GRMN2024 Producing German texts 6 credits
GRMN2027 Understanding Germany and her German-speaking neighbours 6 credits
GRMN2028 How to say it in German – Phonological and prosodic features of contemporary German 6 credits
GRMN3001 German III.1 6 credits
GRMN3002 German III.2 6 credits
GRMN3022 German project 6 credits
GRMN3023 English-German translation 6 credits
GRMN3026 Fairytale princes, nature lovers and revolutionaries - The German Romantics 6 credits
GRMN3027 German for business 6 credits
GRMN3028 Kino! Studies in German cinema 6 credits
GRMN3029 History of the German language and German linguistics 6 credits
GRMN3031 Internship for students of German 6 credits
GRMN3032 From Goethe to Grönemeyer – German reading course 6 credits
GRMN3033 Gender equality in German-speaking countries and the European Union 6 credits
GRMN3119 Overseas immersion language course - German 6 credits
GRMN4003 Deutsch aktuell – current issues, films and music in German 6 credits
GRMN4004 Intercultural communication German-Chinese 6 credits
GRMN4005 Advanced Chinese-German translation 6 credits

German Programme, School of Modern Languages and Cultures HKU